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Sivaneswaran Poobalasingam, MD

Dr. Sivaneswaran Poobalasingam is the  Country Representative for the International Council of Integrative Medicine. He is the founder and Director of Integrative Medicine at Amrita Integrative Health Centre (AIHC) , a centre that adopts a holistic and integrative approach in maintaining a healthy life. He is the Executive Director of Amrita Academy, a Wellness Academy he founded and heads. He conducts Board Certification Programmes on Nutritional Medicine for the World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine (WOSAAM). He is also Medical Consultant to a group of nutraceutical companies and is an associate of SVyasa University, a leading Yoga research institute.

Dr. Siva’s clinical expertise is in the management of stress and lifestyle diseases which include diabetes, hypertension and food intolerances amongst others. Dr Siva recently founded the Malaysian Society Of Lifestyle Medicine with other healthcare practitioners and is the President of the society.

Dr. Siva has also helped to pioneer integrative medicine in the country. He is frequently invited to speak on integrative medicine by government institutions. He has also conducted workshops on integrative medicine for programs jointly organized by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Malaysian Ministry of Health and University Era Ketiga (University Putra Malaysia).

Dr. Siva played a role in the development of the “Global Information Portal” on Traditional and Complementary Therapies for the Ministry of Health (Malaysia). In the development of the portal he contributed articles and papers on Mind Body Medicine as a form of Traditional and Complementary Therapy.

Dr. Siva is often invited to speak on Nutrition, Herbs and Mind Body Medicine at various forums both locally and internationally. He has also presented papers on an integrated approach to managing and preventing illness both at local and international conferences. He is a published author and has written books on a mind body approach to wellness and on the importance of herbs and nutrition in healthy ageing.

Dr Siva is a member of the Malaysian Healthy Aging Society and he sits on the accreditation board for the Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine.

Dr. Siva has served as the Scientific Chairperson for Complementary Medicine of various organizing committees of conferences including “The First World Congress on Healthy Ageing in 2012.” He has also chaired symposiums at national and international conferences on integrative medicine.

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