Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Sanglk Jo, MD

Dr Jo is an up-and-coming young doctor from Korea with specialties in various fields of medicine. This exceptional doctor practices in the field of Lifestyle Medicine and Family Medicine, and also holds a license in pharmacy and Asian podiatry.
As a gifted speaker, Dr. Jo has given countless speeches on the benefits of adopting and sustaining healthy lifestyle. His humorous, mesmerizing speeches have emphasized the significance of doctors first-handedly practicing lifestyle medicine themselves as an exemplary figure for their patients.

As evidence of his eloquence, he won the first place as a best speaker at the 2016 Spring Conference of Family Medicine, for his speech about doctors’ roles in lifestyle medicine. In addition, Dr. Jo is a journalist who publishes health columns, and has also published a paper titled “Factors Related to Failure in Weight Reduction or Maintenance in Korean Adults”. Currently, Dr. Jo is preparing a broadcast show that shares healthy lifestyle and well-being tips; and the recording has been completed. We are looking forward to his brilliant future contributions with eager anticipation.

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Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine