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Hui-Ting Huang, MD

Education: 1970-1977 Taipei Medical University

Training and Services

01/06/83-30/06/90 Attending Physician, MacKay Memorial Hospital
01/07/90-Present Attending Physician, Taiwan Adventist Hospital
01/07/91-30/06/94 Attending Physician, Courtesy, Shin-Kang Memorial Hospital
01/01/01-01/01/05 Vice President for Medical Affairs, Taiwan Adventist Hospital
31/01/06-Present President, Taiwan Adventist Hospital
01/04/11-Present Lecturer, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Services

Special Positions in Associations

01/07/09-Present Consultant for medical safety, Bureau of Health, Taipei City
01/07/07-Present Director, Taiwan Regional Hospital Association
20/12/07-Present Director, Taiwan Society of Geriatric Emergency and Critical Care Medicine.
21/11/2015-Present President, Taiwan Society of Health Promoting Hospital and Health Services. Taiwan Regional Network, WHO HPH CC.
In-charge panel doctor for medical services, AIT (American Institute in Taiwan)
ACIO (Australia Commercial and Industrial Office), NCIO(New Zealand Commercial and Industrial Office), South Africa, Philippine.

Experiences in Medical Affairs, Policy Management, Quality and Hospital Administration

1. Taiwan Quality Indicator Project (TQIP), Taiwan Hospital Indicator System(THIS)
2. Hospital Information System (HIS)
3. Patient Archive and Communicating System (PACS)
4. Joint Commission of Hospital Accreditation (JCIA)
5. Balance Score Card (BSC)
6. Health Promotion Hospital (HPH)

Publications and presentations on hospital management

1. The problems and solutions for long term care in Taiwan, Taiwan Society of Geriatric Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 2004
2. The optimal model for competition in Gerontology, Taiwan Society of Geriatric Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 2004
3. The application of safety indicators for Gerontology, Taiwan Society of Geriatric Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 2005
4. The marginal effects of Gerontology on general hospital, Taiwan Society of Geriatric Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 2006, P2.
5. The Research of Physician Behavior and Organizational Factors Influence Patient Trust. J. of Health Management vol(5), no(1) 2007
6. To create a supporting environment of health promotion for staffs and community 16th international conference of WHO HPH 2008
7. The Antecedents Influence Model of Knowledge Repository 2008
8. The Taiwan Adventist Hospital experience in health promotion Taiwan College of Healthcare Executives 2008
9. Metabolic syndrome: menopausal women and the health care challenge. Jou HJ, Huang HT. Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol. 2009 Sep;48(3):205-9.
10. The relationships among social capital, health promotion, and job satisfaction at hospitals in Taiwan, Chung-Hung Tsai, Hui-Ting Huang, Chia-Fen Wang, Social behavior and personality, (2012), 40(7), 1201-1212.
11. Structure factors affecting health examination behavioral intention. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2016, 13(4), 395.
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